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I have found I have a generous heart which overflows with words of gratitude, wisdom, and reflection motivates and inspires others only if you share with them. So I share. I desire to communicate with you, if you leave a reply I will respond. If your questions is too personal, email me. I will reply.

My Blog and Blog Posts contain nuggets I have learned, questions I have been asked, and experiences I have had. Connect with me on Facebook to read snippets of my present thoughts.

Send over your question, and I may blog about it. Often time someone else has been wondering the same thing. If I don’t blog about it I will send you a personal reply.

I look forward to hearing from you. Until we chat again… Live the life you choose. Sharon L. Halasz


Dec 30

Are you Marriage Material?

Is a CEO a CEO because no one else wanted the job? OR is the position filled because the wrong candidate just happened to be standing in the right place at the right time? OR did the CEO start out in the mail room and after years of proving any task at any level could create a profit for […]


Oct 25

An Unhappy Anniversary – The Best Feeling In The World

Just When Life is Turning Around… … and you are beginning to see your future with a renewed zest — Bam it hits you. You are crying. You are a mess. You are perplexed and you have no idea why. A flood of questions have risen, they linger waiting for answers which are not found. […]


Jan 27

College Students and Money (America and Money)

What can college students do to make money when class time and study consume their time? My answer, “SPEND LESS!” Let me ask…Would you willingly sign up for a 30 minute job in exchange for a cup of coffee? Our students do. The issue isn’t with making money, when push comes to shove we know […]


Jan 26

Challenges and Strategies of Making New Friends

Making new friends, when you relocate or simply outgrow your old friends is a challenge. I moved form Montana to California 3 months ago. I didn’t know anyone or have a job. I am single and 47. I am a mover and a shaker, a very outgoing person. I am a mentor for many, and […]


Jan 26

3 Tips For Getting Out Of Debt, plus 1 Bonus Tip

Being the founder of FreeToSpend, I have been asked many times what is the quickest way of getting out of debt. Speaking from experience, both personally and through witnessing the transformation in other people’s lives here are the TOP 3 Tips for getting out of debt. 1st: You need a paradigm shift in how you […]


Jan 20

10 Most Common Things That Negatively Impact Productivity In The Workplace

The real issue is UNDERNEATH the issue. When looking at productivity in the workplace, we may label someone as rude, or scattered, or unkept without taking into consideration that these are side-affects of crying all night; being stressed out relationally or financially. Ever experience talking to an employee and even though they are looking at […]


Jan 17

Who is Sharon Nash And Where Does She Come Up With…?

I have been asked where do I get the knowledge I have and where do I come up with the thoughts I do… I begin each day with devotions/quiet time with God. He is the source of my inspiration and drive. He creates in me a thirst for knowledge and a quest to change the […]