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Questions we have been asked about Free To Spend:

Tell us about your business. What inspired you to start your business? How is your business successful? What makes it unique?

Nineteen years ago, out of absolute desperation, Sharon Halasz saw the vision of a practical financial tool which instantly created order out of chaos. It stopped the crazy cycle of overspending, denial, avoidance, guilt, blame, and shame. She began sharing it with those in her life. Remarkably it worked with ages 7 – 97. Success has been measured from the testimonies received. Free To Spend offers a practical hands-on approach and tools that can be understood and immediately in less than 45 minutes. Once in action, lives change.

How is your business involved with the community you serve?

We believe that an important measure of success is to help as many people as possible become successful themselves. We are actively reaching out to our community groups, schools, banks, credit unions, businesses, and churches. Free To Spend’s marketing efforts are to sponsor events, exhibit, speak, teach, and give away as many Mission Logs as possible. We know that when people SEE it, they can APPLY it, and they can now CHOOSE differently and LIVE free of financial imbalance and fear.

What would you do with an extra $250,000?

• Hire a graphic designer to complete the re-packaging of the materials.

• Create a teaching DVD.

• Develop the software.

• Position an administrative person to oversee long-term growth and stability.

• Work with a marketing and sales team on city-wide, state-wide, and a then nation campaign. Never has there been a more desperate time for the need of Free To Spend. America has seen campaigns against cigarettes, drinking, and drugs. It’s time to see a campaign for CONSCIOUS SPENDING MADE EASY.

What challenges can you identify for your business, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Free To Spend materials have been developed and sold by one person in her spare time. This is driven by a passion to make a big difference, to help people change their relationships with saving and spending to achieve a better quality of life. We have seen interest from Staples to Walmart, Credit Unions to Deluxe Check Printing… and yet each one is waiting on more “visibility”. We also see a need for more refinement, testing, a digital and online version, and “packaging”. Further development such as this, and visibility, would overcome our challenges.

Describe the talent and skill of your em
ployees, and how they contribute to a successful business.

Sharon Halasz – the founder and visionary, designer and salesperson – has led by example. She believes when you are enthusiast and care about your neighbor and your community you create a better world by your activity. Helping not only one person at a time, but through encouraging others with the “paying it forward”  movement to multiply the efforts. Sharon has become skilled in financial and business management, as well as life coaching and writing. She also serves as a “Personal Financial Angel” helping clients in matters of business, finance, and personal affairs.  She brings order, clarity, and peace to people’s piles of financial woes and tumult.



Are you ready to see your money differently…



The World’s Easiest Pocket Spending Plan

The Free To Spend Mission Log will redirect your focus from your bank balance to your life. A technique so powerful it can change your future and the future of your children.

Begin seeing your spending options like never before. By choosing wisely your financial goals can be within reach. Even young children understand and benefit from its use; start them when they begin asking for money.

Stop wishing for a change in your finances and start demanding one. It is as easy as 1-2-3. See – Choose – Spend.


PRE-ORDER TODAY! Mission Tool Kit only $30.0 plus s/h

Mission Logs are $4.00 each plus two stamps.

 Adult Version (ages 17 to 97) Student Version (ages 7 to 17)

Around the age of 17, students switch to the adult Mission Tool Kit.  Having their own kit when moving out allows them to teach their roommates and helps them remain on their own.




What is in a Mission Tool Kit?

All the components needed to learn, apply, review, make life’s financial adjustments, and teach others.

Who can use Free To Spend?

Anyone, of any age, who wants, makes, spends, or owes money.

When can we start Free To Spend?

As soon as you Mission Tool Kit arrives.

  • In takes approximately 45 minutes to learn and apply.

How does Free To Spend work?

The concept is taught within a fun secret agent mission where you will…               

  • Learn in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Uncover the hidden truth of the bank balance.
  • See the impact of each spending choice.

When the mission is finished, you will have…

  • Applied the secret of wise financial decision making.
  • Found your bank book’s missing companion.
  • Easily plugged in YOUR OWN financial numbers.

What is the best way to teach couples?

When teaching couples, use TWO kits side by  side to peacefully open communication lines.

Why Free To Spend?

Using Free To Spend will help you…

  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Know your spending options.
  • Spend wisely and save money.
  • Become financially independent.
  • Establish a solid financial foundation.
  • Eliminate financial stress, guilt, and frustration.
  • Communicate with and teach others about money.