What can college students do to make money when class time and study consume their time? My answer, “SPEND LESS!”

KarestLet me ask…Would you willingly sign up for a 30 minute job in exchange for a cup of coffee? Our students do.

The issue isn’t with making money, when push comes to shove we know how to feed ourselves. It is  that the money being made is being spent without regard to the portion of life given in exchange. i.e. I knowingly give THIS many hours of my life in exchange for the money to purchase THIS item.

Choices are everywhere… Starbucks (+$ needed) or sleep (No $ needed)? Clothing item (+$) or study (No $)? Drink something other than water (+$)? Fee based activity or free activity? Clothing store or thrift store? Eating out or preparing meals? Decor (+$) or cleaning, organizing, and taking care of what you have?

Let’s look at it differently… How much do you make per hour IF you factored in the time it took to purchase work clothes, get ready, commute, and unwind afterwards? Then add work lunches and other related costs. With that figure in mind, is a pair of jeans worth 30 hours? Is going out to eat worth staying an extra 5 hours at work?

America’s economic future needs a simple paradigm shift. Economy is just as much the wealth and resources of a country as it is the SPARING or CAREFUL use of something. If you want to change the economy be economical — be sparing and careful in your spending. Your spending includes investments set aside to spend at a later date. Spend Smart and Work Less.

I believe God will bless America IF we are worthy of blessing. My goal is lofty; it is to change America’s economy. Will you help me? As I diligently work on getting FreeToSpend into schools, colleges and universities, may I ask if you are associated with any form of education, purchase FreeToSpend for your family, see firsthand the benefits of how simple it is to incorporate into your daily life, and then schedule an appointment with your school administrator and introduce it to them.

God Bless OUR STUDENTS with the truth they need to succeed,

Sharon L. Nash

P.S. If your unfamiliar with FreeToSpend, click here.