Being the founder of FreeToSpend, I have been asked many times what is the quickest way of getting out of debt.

Sharon The ScientistSpeaking from experience, both personally and through witnessing the transformation in other people’s lives here are the TOP 3 Tips for getting out of debt.

1st: You need a paradigm shift in how you see your spending, FreeToSpend provides that.

2nd: You need a way to see the impact each spending choice is creating, FreeToSpend shows you.

3rd: You need a way to communicate with those in your family who spend money, FreeToSpend sets the record straight of what you have and don’t have.

Bonus: Teach your children by example. The student version of FreeToSpend is for ages 7 to 17.

FreeToSpend is a simple paradigm shift that allows you to see the whole picture when making spending choices while opening up the communication lines. Once you begin FreeToSpend, further debt reducing ideas begin to appear. Can we give $20 of our grocery bill to our debt? Can we sell some stuff that we don’t need and apply it to our debt? etc. etc.

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FreeToSpend is currently undergoing a packaging redesign. Here is a sneak peak at the new logo. It is fresh and exciting. The work of Toby Sudduth of Thank you, Toby! You are the greatest!